1. The Club shall be known as the Mottram St. Andrew Fly Fishing club

2. Membership shall be limited to eighteen (18) persons all of whom must be elected to
membership in accordance with Rule 29.

3. The Club will be managed by a Committee of five (5) members elected for a period of three
(3) years.

4. The Management Committee shall consist of the following officers 1. Chairman 2. Treasurer
3. Fishery Officer 4. Two ordinary members.

5. The first Committee shall be the founder members of the Club, Chairman Ron Taylor,
Treasurer David Martin, Fishery Officer Nick Metcalfe, Ordinary members Andy Levis and
Mike Holland.

6. The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting once each Calendar year during the month
of January to fix subscriptions and conduct such business as ought to be dealt with at an

7. In the event that members are unable to attend a Club or Committee meeting, A.G.M. or
E.G.M. due to unavoidable personal circumstances they may indicate their vote on Agenda
items by providing the Chairman with a Proxy Vote.

8. Proxy Votes must be provided in writing ( Including E. Mail) addressed to the Chairman and
will be exercised by the Chairman at the appropriate Meeting being counted as if the
Member concerned were present.

9. The fishing on all Club waters shall be fly only.

10. All Members when fishing on Club waters must be in possession of EA NW Fishing Licence
and the Club Membership Card issued to them. Members are also requested to place the
Club Parking permit in the dashboard of parked cars.

11. All fish are to be returned to the water unharmed and as soon as possible, to assist that
objective, barbless or flattened barb hooks must be used.

12. Knotless landing nets must be used and keep nets should not be taken on to Club waters.

13. Members will be expected to join the Club Whats App group and all fish catches must be
recorded thereon.

14. Members agree to report all incidents of poaching and pollution on the Club Whats App
group and to the relevant authorities.

15. Fishing shall be during the Trout Season only ( 15th March till 30th September) unless
permission is given by the Committee to fish for Grayling outside the Trout season or to fish
on any still water that may in future be acquired.

16. Fishing will be during the hours of daylight only.

17. Members are expected to attend work parties when arranged by the Committee unless
disabled, exempt or their personal commitments unavoidably take priority. Failure to attend
working parties without reasonable excuse may result in the Committee declining to renew
membership the following season.

18. Members acknowledge the contents of the Club Health and Safety Policy and will be
expected to indicate by signature their agreement to comply with the contents. The Club
does not accept responsibility for the safety of any member while fishing on Club Waters.

19. Members must report any accidents to the Committee and on the Whats App group.

20. Members will observe the Country Code gaining access to Club waters at the recognised
points, closing all gates, keeping to pathways where appropriate, respecting farmers
livestock and the environment.

21. No tackle of any sort or other litter is to be discarded on Club Waters, members must
remove all items particularly used fishing line.

22. Members acknowledge their duty to act as Club Bailiffs when fishing Club waters and should
always request to see membership cards if a person seen fishing is unknown to them.

23. Members meeting other anglers on the river must always check if they are fishing up or
downstream to ensure that they do not fish in front of them. Courtesy must be extended at
all times to other members and to the Public encountered on Club waters.

24.Members are allowed 4 guests per season on separate occasions to be previously notified
on the WhatsApp group. Guests to be complementary.

25. Members may be accompanied without charge by a juvenile angler under 15 years of age
for the purpose of introducing that person to fly fishing.

26. Any member who fails to comply with any of the Club rules or behaves in an objectionable
way to other members of the Club or brings the Club into disrepute shall be called before
the Committee to explain their conduct. The Committee shall have the power to terminate
membership without further appeal or financial recourse.

27. Committee Meetings shall be called by the Chairman to resolve any business affecting Club
Management and to enforce the contents of these rules.

28. Committee decisions shall be taken by simple majority and the Committee have the
absolute discretion on all matters affecting the running of the Club including withdrawing
and declining applications for membership.

(a) All Applicants for membership must be proposed and seconded by members of the Club who are resident in Mottram St. Andrew.
(b) Applications will be approved by the Committee, with or without interview, at their absolute discretion.

30. In the event of an equality of votes at a Club Meeting, A.G.M., E.G.M. or Committee
Meeting the Chairman of the Meeting shall have a casting vote.

31. The Committee shall have power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club to
resolve matters regarded as urgent.

32. These rules may only be amended or expanded by the Committee after obtaining a two thirds majority vote of the membership at a Club Meeting, the A.G.M. or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Rules amended on the 21/01/2021