On this page you will find the latest information about the status of our village. We need you to let us know if you or someone close to you has the infection. Please email: msavillagehall@outlook.com We will maintain your confidentiality and will just publish numbers and approximate location of the disease. Please bear in mind that this will not take into account those who remain apparently asymptomatic.

Total Number of Confirmed Infected People as of 24/06/22

69 plus 2 un-confirmed

Total Number of Confirmed Fatalities as at 24/06/22

Cases in East Cheshire as at 24/06/22
There have been 588 new cases in last 7 days (Increase of 44.5% over previous week)

Total Covid-19 related deaths in East Cheshire as at 24/06/22

The latest outbreak appears to be slowly increasing in our area. Cases data is now pretty meaningless due to the decrease in general testing following withdrawal of free test kits, however, the number of hospital admissions is beginning to increase again. Many of those patients will be being admitted with Covid rather than because of Covid. The infection is still around but these variants have provided the bonus of “natural immunity”. Most people in the UK now have antibodies to this virus and therefore some level of protection.