Village Mobile Library Service

The mobile library visits the village every 3 weeks on a Tuesday. Mottram St Andrew is designated week 3.

During the current Covid pandemic the following changes to the library schedule apply.

The dates of the library visits have not changed however the times differ from those on the CE website.

At present the library arrives at 11.20 and departs at 11.40.

The library stops in Alderley Road outside the Crescent.

If the above details change we will endeavor to update the contained information as soon as we are aware.

For full details of the normal service including times and dates please use the link to the Cheshire East website below.

Mobile library details

Current restrictions due to Covid pandemic – no one is allowed into the library to browse and choose books, you have to know what book or book type you want to read and the librarian will peruse the shelves and bring a selection of books to you to select from.

Community Transport.

The community bus service is called flexilink and is operated by Transport Service Solutions (TSS).

Users need to be registered for insurance purposes, an application form needs to be completed.

The service is free for those with a bus pass, otherwise each journey costs £3 single or £6 return.

TSS telephone number is 0300 123 5110.

The telephone is open between 09.30 and 12.30 each weekday.

Applications to travel must be booked in advance.

The bus leaves the Crescent at 09.45 on a Tuesday for Wilmslow and for Macclesfield on a Friday.

The bus returns from Wilmslow at 11.15 and 11.30 from Macclesfield.

For full details of the service provided please use the link below to visit the TSS website.

Transport Service Solutions

Current restrictions due to Covid pandemic – No more than 5 people can travel at the moment even though the bus has 14 seats, this is to ensure social distancing. Couples travelling together count as one.