Use this page to provide help in a safe way to those more at risk. If you have had the infection and are now fully recovered, you should have some immunity to the virus and may be in the best position to offer help to the most vulnerable. How will this work? Helpers: If you have had COVID-19 infection confirmed and you have recovered fully from the infection, probably around 2 weeks after symptoms started, you will probably be immune from further infection (from what is known of other Coronavirus infections). We need to know who you are and if you would be prepared to help our most vulnerable. Email: High Risk People: Let us know how we can help, be it shopping, transport, company in isolation. We will attempt to match you up with somebody who is not likely to have the virus and who is prepared to help you. Email: For security purposes you must be residing in the village or be well known in the village, to avoid scammers. All services provided are free of charge. If you need help with food shopping or obtaining medication please let us know email: or call one of the following numbers: Rob Hughes Tel: 01625 827917 Ron Taylor Tel: 01625 585039 or Mick Shaw Tel: 01625 584943