Ever thought about giving Crown Green Bowling a go?

It is strongly recommended as an enjoyable pastime and whether you just want a friendly sociable game of bowls, or something a little more competitive, there is something for everybody at Mottram St. Andrew Bowling Club.

Mottram’s bowling club is situated adjacent to the Village Hall, Wilmslow Old Road, Mottram St. Andrew, SK10 4PQ.

The club has a magnificent setting being situated in the lea of The Edge at Alderley, in the midst of the beautiful Cheshire countryside. There are tidy borders with flower pots dotted around and seating, all of which frame the well maintained floodlit bowling green. There is cover from the elements and a pavilion which houses a functional kitchen used most days for the essential brewing up ceremony! In the pavilion there is also a TV, a fridge and a charity bookshop. There are plentiful car parking facilities

Mottram St. Andrew is a long established club with records going back over forty years. It is a great credit to club members that they manage and organise the club and maintain the green on a voluntary basis. Indeed, the green, the clubhouse and all areas were created and built by members. This ethos has always been a hallmark of the Mottram Club and has done much to engender the “family feel”.

New members are always welcome. Whether you are a complete novice or have tried bowling before you are welcome. Please contact Jill Hillary, Membership Secretary on 01625 820244 for further details.

Quotes from Mottram St. Andrew Bowling Members

“New members amazed at the club’s convivial atmosphere and the wonderful spread of refreshments at our internal competitions”

“When I joined Mottram the welcome was wonderful and everybody was so friendly”

“I have made many lasting friendships among the members”

“Thank you everybody at Mottram. Since joining two years ago I have been made most welcome and have found fun, humour and friendship prevalent throughout the club. I love the Mottram Club and all it stands for.”

“The Sunday afternoon tournaments are always relaxing and enjoyable with lots of friendliness and fun followed by the very welcome spreads.”

What Does Crown Green Bowling Involve ?

Crown Green Bowling is a game of concentration, precision and accuracy and involves rolling biased balls (woods) as close as possible to a smaller ball (the jack). It has been a popular game in the UK for centuries, being introduced by the Normans in the twelth century. There are are thousands of bowling clubs throughout the country. As the sport does not involve prolonged periods of intense activity, it can be played and enjoyed by most people regardless of age or gender. It is essentially a relaxing summertime activity. It is either taken up as a social activity – strictly for leisure – or it can be played at competition level, for those who want to challenge themselves more. The Mottram Club caters for either or both of these choices.

The Mottram Green is available for members for social bowling during the season, when not in use for regular scheduled events.

For those who enjoy playing against other teams in the area, there are plenty of opportunities to join one of the club’s teams for either afternoon or evening matches in the various local bowling leagues. Each of the Mottram Club’s teams are mixed, comprising of ladies and gentlemen.

As well as the league fixtures there are a number of internal competitions for club members played on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer. These are always enjoyable and sociable occasions and made even more so by the wonderful buffets provided by members and enjoyed after the bowling.

Bowling is not just a summer sport and at Mottram St. Andrew indoor bowling is enjoyed in the Village Hall during the winter months.

All outdoor bowling is played in accordance with the current laws of the British Crown Green Bowling Association.

Regular Events at Mottram Bowling Club From April to October

Monday mornings – Social Bowling
Tuesday afternoons – Veterans Mixed Macclesfield League
Tuesday evenings – Mixed Macclesfield League (Divisions 3 and 4)
Thursday afternoons – Mixed Alderley Edge League
Thursday evenings – Mixed Macclesfield League (Divisions 1 and 2)
Sunday afternoons – Friendly competitions or Social Bowling


My name is Paul Jackson and I am a team captain at Mottram Bowling Club and I also organise the popular Sunday afternoon competitions we have each month throughout the season.

These Sunday afternoon events are popular with members being friendly and convivial and for new members are an excellent way to get to know members and also play and learn about bowls in a friendly and supportive ethos.

As one member has said, “The Sunday afternoon social tournaments are relaxed and enjoyable with lots of friendliness and fun. The spreads are also very welcome and enjoyable.”

Tournament Dates Summer 2019

Reg Gardom Cup.     Sunday 12th May

Briar Cup/ Alice Eley Cup.     Sunday 2nd June

Ted’s Twos.            Sunday  23rd June

Cav. Cup.     Sunday 28 July

Pairs Competition.  Sunday 11th August

Scott Cup. Sunday 8th September

All competitions are named after long serving club members who have done so much to make Mottram Bowling Club, “our little gem.”